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CSC-RO I confers DOLE-RO I PRIME HRM level 2 accreditation


The DOLE-Regional Office I has moved up to PRIME HRM level 2 accreditation in recruitment, selection and placement as assessed by the CSC-Regional Office I.


CSC-RO I Assistant Regional Director Josephine Altura conferred the Certificate of Recognition to the DOLE-RO I through Regional Director Nathaniel V. Lacambra on November 23 at the DOLE-RO I conference room to affirm its newly acquired status. Also in attendance during the event were DOLE-RO I ARD Honorina Baga, senior officials and staff from the two agencies. 


“You truly deserve commendation for being able to elevate your PRIME HRM despite your enormous task in the face of the current crisis.  Congratulations to all of you especially the top management, without whose full support this achievement would not have been possible,” ARD Altura said after awarding the certificate.


The certificate states that the DOLE-RO I has met “the standards/indicators for PRIME-HRM Maturity Level 2 in one HRM System (RSP) based on the validated self-assessment and evidence requirements.”


In her opening remarks, ARD Baga thanked RD Lacambra and the staff who demonstrated their dedication throughout the entire process. 


“We know that much work still needs to be done but together we will reach our goal,” she said.


PRIME-HRM or the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management is a mechanism that aims to continuously capacitate agencies in the performance of their human resource management, recognize best practices and serve as a venue for exchange and development of expertise.


Under the program, the CSC assesses the maturity level of an agency’s competencies, systems and practices in four HR systems: (1) recruitment, selection, and placement; (2) learning and development; (3) performance management; and (4) rewards and recognition.  An agency may be classified according to four maturity levels, depending on how well it meets all the elements in each system.


An agency which reaches Level 2 Maturity means that it has established a set of defined and documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) responsive to the agency’s unique needs, and automation is being used to a certain extent.  It is characterized by goal-oriented decision making. 


Level 1 indicates that the agency‘s HR processes are compliant with CSC’s and other relevant authorities‘ regulations and guidelines. The success of HR depends on the competence of the people and not by using proven processes. 


Level 3 is characterized by linkage among all core HRM areas, the presence of process metrics for continuous improvement, and data-driven decision-making. 


Level 4 is attained if HR processes are focused on continually improving process performance and if the HR strategy is already part of the agency’s strategy. 


“As we accept this certificate, we fully accept the challenge to level up in the other three systems. We will not waver in our commitment to provide excellent public service delivery,” Director Lacambra said.


To facilitate the completion of all tasks and requirements, the DOLE-RO I has created various Technical Working Groups on the four identified systems, including the development of integrated RSP database.


“We will be working closely with the CSC to further elevate our HR systems because we believe that the best service can only come from the best employees,” Director Lacambra said. END/Arly Sta. Ana-Valdez


RD Evelyn R. Ramos
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