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On Civil Service Month, DOLE Region 1 Trumpets Service Excellence
In celebration of the Philippine Civil Service Anniversary this month of September, the DOLE Regional Office 1 extends its warmest congratulations to its employees who have taken their oath of office in line with their promotion or appointment in the office. 
From January to September 2021, the DOLE RO1 has facilitated the promotion of its seven (7) regular employees, and hiring of five (5) new regular employees. 
The DOLE RO1 is home to 94-strong plantilla employees, led by Regional Director Atty. Evelyn R. Ramos and Assistant Regional Director Honorina Dian-Baga. 
It also employs the service of 64 coordinators for the TUPAD Program; three for the TABANG-OFW and DOLE-AKAP Program; six for the Child Labor Prevention and Elimination Program; nine for the Foreign National Labor Inspection program; and one for the HERO program. Additionally, the DOLE RO1 hires 21 ancillary workers, composed of drivers, utility workers, and security guards.  
In total, there are 198 workers forging together in holding up high the banner of excellent public service of DOLE Region 1. With such robust personnel complement, these civil servants and government service providers work together in synergy and harmony to deliver the best brand of DOLE public service in Ilocos Region. 
To ensure the efficient download and implementation of DOLE programs in the grassroots, DOLE RO1 operates six (6) field offices located in Laoag City for Ilocos Norte, Vigan City for Ilocos Sur, San Fernando City for La Union, Rosales for eastern Pangasinan, Dagupan City for central Pangasinan, and Alaminos City for western Pangasinan. 
The DOLE RO1 is also committed to uphold excellence in public service among its employees. Thus, it puts into place institutionalized programs that foster performance improvement and recognition of accomplishments. 
As such, it has launched the DAYAW DOLE Awards on July 23, 2021. It is the DOLE’s Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE), as prescribed by the Civil Service Commission. 
The DAYAW DOLE forms part of the RO1’s Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM), pursuant to Civil Service Commission (CSC) Resolution No. 010112 and CSC Memorandum Circular No. 1-2001. It is a mechanism that empowers government agencies by developing their human resource management competencies, systems, and practices toward HR excellence.
DAYAW DOLE stands for Dignified, Accountable, Yearning, and Able Workers of DOLE Region 1. It seeks to give due recognition and incentives to the employees and staff of the regional office, and encourage their consistent improvement of their delivery of public service. 
In the DAYAW DOLE, individuals and groups (field offices and work units) shall be recognized for performance-based merits, such as on program management and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and work ethics. Awardees shall receive cash prizes and certificates/plaque. It shall also confer non-performance based recognitions, such as to employees who garnered personal milestones like academic and professional achievements. Mechanisms to foster motivation among employees are also integrated in the DAYAW DOLE.
DOLE RO1 RD Ramos underscores the need to foster a healthy and happy workforce. “As the primary government agency promoting labor and employment for Filipinos, it is incumbent upon us in DOLE to ensure that our own personnel are recognized, rewarded and appreciated,” she said. 
“Through this, we harness their full potentials in performing at their best, all in the name of public service,” RD Ramos quipped. END/Justin Paul Marbella. 

RD Evelyn R. Ramos
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