DOLE 1 Regional Director Henry John Jalbuena yesterday signed a Memorandum of Undertaking with Mayor Alexander Boquing of Sudipen, La Union to signal the start of implementation of the Skills Registry System in the said municipality.

The MOU, which is the third to be signed since December 2010, has furthered the institutionalization of the SRS in local government units.

Expressing his gratitude to the municipal government of Sudipen, Jalbuena said that the growing support of lgus to the SRS facilitates the attainment of quality employment and economic growth in communities.

Jalbuena said the SRS will ensure the availability of relevant labor market information needed to effectively facilitate the employment of those unemployed and assist   business establishments in sourcing qualified manpower to fill their existing vacancies.

The municipal government has committed to mobilize barangay officials and personnel, SPES students and PESO manager to assist in the implementation of SRS activities such as purposive data gathering, encoding of manpower information, storage and updating of register and preparation of reports.

“An orientation for the Local Chief Executives of the 17 barangays of Sudipen will be held on 8 April 2011 to equip them with knowledge and materials needed for the implementation of the SRS,” Jalbuena said.

To register for the SRS, jobseekers or workers should do the following steps:

  1. Secure registration form at the Barangay Hall or Public Employment Services Office;
  2. Fill out registration form with required information;
  3. Submit accomplished registration form to the PESO;

The following documents should be prepared and presented upon registration:

  1. Biodata;
  2. List and proofs of previous employment;
  3. List and proofs of qualifications or skills.

“Jobseekers should take the opportunity to “advertise” their skills to secure quality   employment through the SRS,” Jalbuena said. asv

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