The Department of Labor and Employment-Regional Office 1 is set to push for green productivity as a strategy to merge environmental protection and productivity enhancement in the world of work.

Recently, the said agency has adopted its action program to implement its new advocacy dubbed “Greening our DOLE Program”.

An initiative of Labor Chief Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, the GODP seeks to integrate sustainable environmental protection in work processes by first, equipping all DOLE employees with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to institutionalize green and eco-friendly practices among DOLE offices and its family of agencies and secondly, cascading the concept of GODP down to the grassroots.

Regional Director Henry John Jalbuena said green productivity will result in clients served with higher performance and better value by using fewer resources, less energy and reduced wastes.

“The idea is to mainstream 5S, 3Rs, energy conservation, pollution/air emission control, and waste management in the workplace to achieve better service delivery and protect the environment,” Jalbuena said.

The GODP action program outlines the initial steps which will be taken by the DOLE 1 namely, establishment of paperless transactions, reduction of utility expenses and carbon footprints, disposal of inactive records and unserviceable properties, waste segregation, assessment of occupational safety and health, implementation of sustainable 5S and 3Rs, participation in the National Greening Program, and advocacy among the agency’s social partners.  asv

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