The Department of Labor and Employment Regional Office 1 (DOLE RO1) held a consultative meeting with the Construction Industry Tripartite Council (ITC) of Ilocos Sur on August 3, 2022, via teleconferencing, to assess needs and concerns of the industry which may have surfaced due to the earthquake last week.

“We reach out to you today to know how your sector is faring after the quake, so that we at the DOLE would understand how we can be of help,” said Regional Director Atty. Evelyn Ramos.

The DOLE was glad to note that there were no construction workers nor employers who were casualties in the calamity. “But while we are thankful that all of you are safe, we continue to underscore our call for occupational safety and health,” said RD Ramos.

DOLE RO1 underpinned the importance of the DOLE’s Construction Safety and Health Program (CSHP), wherein permits must be secured prior to the construction project to ensure safety and security of all workers in construction sites.

While they supported that CSHP is integral to ensure safety, the tripartite council members offered inputs to DOLE to make the application process more efficient. One of which is to make CSHP application fully electronic.

The DOLE also solicited the labor needs of the construction industry, where welders and carpenters were identified to be the topmost manpower needed.

“The construction industry is one of the biggest employers in the region, hence our dialogues with you are essential to further leverage on this industry as a major job generator and economic driver in the region,” said RD Ramos.

Last Updated on August 4, 2022 by Justin Paul Marbella