The recently concluded Department of Labor and Employment-Regional Office 1 2011 Mid-Year Performance Assessment and Planning Exercises held at the San Luis del Mar, Bauang, La Union zeroed in on strategies to tailor-fit all targets to the government’s goal of inclusive growth.

Speaking before senior officials and program focal points, DOLE 1 Director Henry John Jalbuena said the goal requires looking into certain considerations and a shift from structural processes to systems that aim at building strategic capacity and harmony.

“Inclusive growth is massive employment-based driven both by capital investments and human resources,” Jalbuena said, as he instructed all those concerned to reformulate targets that will help blend both factors.

The Philippine Labor and Employment Plan 2011-2016 suggests two pathways towards inclusive growth, namely: growth-led, which focuses on investments that create opportunities for and returns to human capital (demand side) and employment-led, which puts premium on the qualitative development of human resources (supply side) and treats employment as a residual outcome of and creator of growth.

“Employment growth should embody the elements of decent work and in promoting decent work, you have to incorporate employment, workers’ rights, social dialogue and social protection, which are its four pillars,” the regional director stressed.

In crafting the work and financial plan for the remainder of 2011, participants to the MYPA were instructed to consider the effects of Saudization and results of the April 2011 Labor Force Survey.

“You have to plan out all programs and interventions within the SOAR framework, which is a positive deviation from old practices.  We have to inquire into our strengths, imagine opportunities, innovate to meet aspirations and inspire to achieve results,” Jalbuena urged the participants.

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