The observance of the Single-Entry Approach 30-day mandatory conciliation-mediation of all labor cases in all offices of the Department of Labor and Employment-Regional Office 1 has resulted in faster and higher rate of settlements, Director Henry John Jalbuena has announced.

Citing a consolidated report from field offices, Jalbuena said that from February to May, SENA has facilitated the payment to 281 workers of P3,906,400.46 as a result of the 30-day mandatory conciliation-mediation.

He said that for the same period, a total of 186 cases have been referred to the SENA where involved parties are encouraged to resolve their issues amicably before these ripen into full blown disputes.

“The SENA is one of the labor arbitration reforms initiated under Labor Chief Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz,” Jalbuena said.

Jalbuena noted that one case was settled on the same date it was filed, with total monetary entitlement of P195, 000.00, benefiting five workers.

Another case, he added, was settled within 18 days, but after only one conference, with restitution amounting to P125, 220.02.

The Regional Director said some cases were either referred to the National Labor Relations Commission or other appropriate agencies.

“Any or both parties may pre-terminate the proceedings and request referral to the appropriate agency, or agree to refer the unresolved issues to voluntary arbitration,” he said.

The SENA allows involved parties to dispense with costly and taxing litigations by providing speedy, impartial, inexpensive and accessible settlement procedure of all labor issues or conflicts. asv

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