The local government units of Sison and San Carlos City, both in Pangasinan, recently signed agreements to localize the Department of Labor and Employment’s Skills Registry System in efforts to address the problem of job-skills mismatch.

DOLE 1 Director Henry John Jalbuena said the latest development has broadened base support for the establishment of a “live” register of available skills and businesses with vacancies at the grassroots.

“We need a broad support from our local officials in this effort to create a reliable labor market information where both job seekers and employers can match their skills and manpower requirements, thus facilitating quality employment,” DOLE 1 Director Henry John Jalbuena said.

The Municipality of Sison and City of San Carlos are among the identified areas for the second wave of implementation of the system.  Other areas include the Cities of Vigan (Ilocos Sur) and Alaminos (Pangasinan) and Municipality of Sta. Barbara (Pangasinan).

“As a marching order from Labor Chief Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, the DOLE strengthens its network of social partners to address the perennial problem of job mismatch,” Jalbuena said.

The implementation of the SRS will be front lined by the Public Employment Services Offices, which are the partners of the DOLE in lgus in employment facilitation services.

The lgus have committed to mobilize barangay officials and personnel, SPES students and PESO manager to assist in the implementation of SRS activities such as purposive data gathering, encoding of manpower information, storage and updating of register and preparation of reports.

The DOLE 1 for its part, will provide the system, requisite documents and forms and continuing technical assistance to the lgus to ensure smooth implementation and sustainability of the project.

The localization of the SRS in the two lgus were facilitated through the Offices of Congresswomen Kimi Conjuangco of the 5th District of Pangasinan and Ma. Rachel “Baby” Arenas of the 3rd District of Pangasinan.

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